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Whimzees Veggie Ear

Whimzees Veggie Ear

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A lifelike vegetarian alternative to the pigs ear, which helps to maintain dental health.

The Whimzees range is vegetarian with no added preservatives, and nothing artificial.
Gluten and sugar free.
Meat free.
Manufactured to human-food grade standards.
All natural ingredients.
Fun, whimsical dental chews, fighting boredom whilst fighting plaque.
Low in fat, high in fibre, aiding digestion.


  • Potato Starch - A highly digestible, gluten-free source of energy.
  • Glycerin -  Increases palatability and helps the chews retain moisture.
  • Powdered Cellulose - A form of dietary fibre that helps polish a dog's teeth and aids digestive health.
  • Lecithin - An all natural emulsifier derived from vegetables.
  • Malt extract - Gluten-free and improves metabolism and muscle tones, whilst also promoting strong bones.
  • Yeast - A source of B-Vitamins, minerals and amino acids for a healthier coat and easy digestion.