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Nitrate Minus 250ml

Nitrate Minus 250ml

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Tetra Nitrate Minus is used for the long-term reduction and control of nitrate leading to better water quality and less algae.

  • Harnesses natural process of biological denitrification
  • Simply add to aquarium once a week
  • No need for resins that have to be replaced or recharged
  • Maintains nitrate level below 30-40mg/l or less (in an average aquarium)
  • Helps control algae growth
  • Produces no harmful by-products and is completely safe

Add 2.5ml of Nitrate Minus per 10 litres of aquarium water on a weekly basis. Dose rate can be doubled for additional nitrate control.
Depending on the starting concentration of nitrate in the aquarium it can take a few weeks to reach the desired level. Once achieved levels will remain low.