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Pet's Choice Pond Sticks 5kg

Pet's Choice Pond Sticks 5kg

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Pets Choice Pond Sticks are a complete staple food for all freshwater pond fish. The sticks are floating to encourage your fish to feed at the surface of the pond, for both for your enjoyment and to prevent the build up of lost food at the bottom of the pond.

- With spirulina - a highly nutritious, natural colour enhancer.
- Floating - encourages fish to feed at the surface.
- Non-clouding will ensure pond is kept clear.
- With added stabilised Vitamin C - helps disease resistance and natural healing.
- Highly digestible.

Cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin (wheat germ 4.5%), vegetable protein extract, fish and fish derivatives, minerals, oils and fats, algae (spirulina 0.05%).