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Nature’s Variety Original Multipack for Cats

Nature’s Variety Original Multipack for Cats

Nature’s Variety
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This selection pack of Nature's Variety Original Pâté contains 12 complete and balanced pouches of our high quality, nutritious wet cat food. Four different recipes to choose from will give your cat the tasty variety they need:

Original Chicken x 3
Original Chicken with Goose x 3
Original Beef & Chicken x 3
Original Turkey x 3

Our recipes are made with premium natural ingredients, with a high quantity of quality meat from our suppliers, gently steam cooked in the single-serve pouch to lock-in all the goodness your cat needs.

Free from grain and with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

All of our complete and balanced meals are veterinary approved and made to PFMA and FEDIAF guidelines.

Cats are inherently more suspicious of changes to their environment compared to dogs. This means making a successful transition to a new food requires a greater level of time and patience.

Method 1: Gradual introduction
(useful for cats already used to receiving wet food):
• Add a very small amount of the Nature’s Variety pouch, choosing a familiar flavour if possible, to your cats usual wet meal
• Mix thoroughly and over approximately 5-7 days, gradually increase the Nature’s Variety pouch and decrease the previous wet food

Method 2: The ‘two bowl technique’
(useful for highly fussy or suspicious cats or if method 1 has not worked):
• Place a very small amount of the Nature’s Variety pouch in a separate bowl beside the normal food
• Repeat at every meal until they begin to show an interest, this often takes 1-2 weeks
• Slowly reduce the previous food while increasing the volume of Nature’s Variety
• Be patient, it is normal for this process to take as long as 8 weeks

Important points to remember:
• Cats prefer food closer to room temperature so try not to feed food straight from the fridge (if previously opened pouch being used)
• Try adding some hot water from the kettle (make sure you allow the water to cool before feeding) to increase the temperature of the food and release aromas
• Do not allow your cat to starve themselves, this can lead to liver problems in some cases
• Always try to vary flavours of foods given to prevent latching onto one variety
• Be patient, cats are highly suspicious of change