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Kong Holiday Wubba Weave Rope

Kong Holiday Wubba Weave Rope

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It is time to rope your pooch into an enticing game of tug of war with this KONG Wubba Weaves with Rope. This interesting toy gives a fun twist to traditional rope toys with its bright colours, thrashing tails, and knotted ends. Designed to satisfy the chewing desires of your furry friend, this KONG rope toy is made of strong woven materials and fabrics.

This Kong dog toy enhances the thrill of regular tugging games with its durable design for prolonged game sessions. Ranging from tug and toss games to thrashing fun, this KONG toy is suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Featuring some vibrant shades, this effective toy is perfect for games of fetch.

This interactive dog toy ensures long hours of fun, be it an independent one or a game of tug and toss. With its increased visibility, your pooch will find it even in a park full of people.

This enhanced version of regular rope toys also supports dental care. With its ropey texture and durable quality, it cleans your dogs teeth and gums and provides him with something to chew on. The real fun starts when your pooch discovers its squeaking noise.

Twisted knots at one end and thrashing tails at the other make this toy the ultimate choice to surprise your dog with. Giving you a plethora of features to play with, what else would you wish for in a dog toy?

Product Dimensions: 12 cm (D) x 8 cm (W) x 8 cm (H)