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Felix Kitten Mixed Selection in Jelly

Felix Kitten Mixed Selection in Jelly

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Complete, nutritionally balanced pet food for kittens.
Poultry, Tuna, Trout & Beef

Meat and animal derivatives (of which Poultry/Beef 4%), Fish and fish derivatives (of which 4% Tuna/Trout), Various sugars, Minerals.

Moisture 82%, Protein 10%, Fat content 5%, Crude ash 2.5%, Crude fibres 0.5%.

1.5 - 3 months: 1 - 4 pouches per day in 2-3 separate meals
3 - 6 months: 2 - 5 pouches per day in 2 separate meals
6-12 months: 5 - 3 pouches per day in 2 separate meals
Or whenever the kitten is hungry

Serve at room temperature. Always provide clean, fresh drinking water. Also suitable for pregnant or lactating mothers, but check with your vet regarding portion sizes.

Serve your kitten’s food in the same place every mealtime so he doesn’t get confused and don’t disturb him while he’s eating.
Each kitten is different. Depending on your kitten’s activity level and body condition, food amounts and/or time allowed to eat may need to be adjusted.