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Natures Menu Especially for Cats Senior Chicken with Cod & Salmon

Natures Menu Especially for Cats Senior Chicken with Cod & Salmon

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Cats need a high meat quality diet to help them thrive - and that doesn’t stop as they get older. Natures Menu Especially for Cats has developed a recipe especially for older cats. It’s low in fat and packed with real cuts of chicken, salmon and cod - with added rice for easy digestion. This recipe is packed with essential vitamins and minerals your cat needs to stay top of its game and stay fit and healthy. Just like all of our other wet cat foods, all our ingredients have been carefully selected to make sure your cat is getting the nutrition they need to grow old gracefully. We use quality, wholesome, simple ingredients in all of our cat food. Each canned recipe is packed with high quality, simple, natural ingredients. Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, with no added sugar. So it not only does good for your cat but it tastes good too. At Natures Menu we make sure you know exactly what you are feeding your cat, by making it simple to understand. Giving you peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing for them. Our wet cat food cans give your cat everything they need to thrive and each recipe is gently cooked to ensure all the Natures Menu goodness is locked in.


Chicken 48%
Chicken Broth 32.9%
Cod 12%
Salmon 4%
Rice 2.3%
Minerals 0.7%
Cranberry Extract 0.1%