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Ciano Aqua 60 LED Aquarium

Ciano Aqua 60 LED Aquarium

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An aquarium endowed with complete equipment for discovering aquarium keeping in confident fashion, equipped with a motor, a heater, pre-installation of discreet air pump tube connection and a biological filter. The 30PPI FOAM and the CFBIO150 Ciano® filter ensures an optimum renewal of water and perfect maintenance of the aquatic balance and the WATER CLEAR Ciano® dose makes the water crystal clear and eliminates odours.

1 Biological filter CFBIO150 Ciano®;
1 LED lighting system CLA60 Ciano® (8W – 18VDC);
1 Converter system (18VDC);
1 Water Pump 260 l/h;
1 Heater 50W;
1 Dose WATER CLEAR “L” Ciano®;
1 FOAM “L” 30PPI Ciano®

Dimensions (LxWxH) 60 x 30 x 33,5 cm