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Ciano Aqua 30 LED Aquarium

Ciano Aqua 30 LED Aquarium

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The Ciano Aqua 30s are 6-sided half octagonal glass aquariums. These are very eye-catching stylish and suitable for first time fish keepers.

A fully-equipped, decorative aquarium which is easy to use for kids and adults alike! Equipped with a hinged lid for easy use and a low voltage lighting system for total safety. Fitted with a high-performance filtration system Ciano® to keep the water crystal clear for as long as possible and with the least possible effort.

1 LED lighting system CLA20 Ciano® (1,5W - 12VDC);
1 Converter system (12VDC);
1 Inner Filter CF40 Ciano®;
1 Dose WATER CLEAR “S” Ciano®;
1 FOAM “S” 30PPI Ciano®.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 40 x 20 x 40.2 cm